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Public Relations

The role of public relations is not just to send out one-way information about an organisation and its products, but to find out the significance of the organisation's existence in society and the problems it faces, and to create processes and mechanisms to solve them. The role of public relations has become even more important in the age of social networking sites, which allow for two-way communication. This is because communication itself is becoming increasingly multi-faceted and complex, and there is an increasing need to assess how meaningful the information obtained is to the individual.

Public relations is a never-ending process.  We understand and analyse the current situation within and outside the organisation, its services and products.Who needs the information, what kind of communication to deliver to the target audience, what results to achieve, what kind of organisation do we want to be in the future?
We develop strategies and tactics to solve the organisation's problems and communicate them to the target audience using the appropriate channels. It is necessary to review the process, analyse the results and plan medium- and long-term tactics, and constantly measure the effectiveness of the PDCA cycle.

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