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Promotional creative

タキノボリ プロモーション クリエイティブ

It is said that behind a customer's buying behaviour there are invisible things such as service, subconsciousness and values.The idea that "a good product will sell" or "a reasonable price will sell even if you don't say anything" does not work with customers.The customer finally recognizes the product, product or service by clarifying the background and the relationship with the staff and the background and the process by which the product or service was created, as well as by providing scientific and physical evidence and information.


At Ta-kinobori, we offer a full range of promotions that are at the heart of our marketing activities to ensure that our clients are properly understood, with a particular emphasis on creative that is easy for everyone to understand.

For more information about our work, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Promotion business
  • Branding planning / planning that maximizes corporate image / recognition

  • PR measure planning / planning / investigation / implementation / operation

  • Planning and production of sales promotion

  • Digital / SNS campaigns

  • Event produce

  • Planning and production of PR events and seminars

  • Planning and production of campaign sampling

  • Exhibition planning and production

  • Stage production and progress

  • Planning and production of SP tools

  • Booth / display design and construction

  • Planning and production of costumes and stage costumes

  • Dispatch of model companion narrator

  • Dispatch of event directors and staff


Creative work
  • Graphic design in general

  • Advertising planning, design and printing

  • Planning and production of promotional videos

  • Planning and design of original tools and characters

  • SP tool planning and production

  • Website planning, design, production and operation

  • Planning, production and distribution of mobile content

  • Application development, production and distribution

  • Planning and design of content characters

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