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What is Ta-kinobori?

Ta-kinobori is not a word you are used to hearing, is it?  "What does it mean?" I 'm often asked.

It is said that Iwana (char), Yamame(trout) and other river fish climb up waterfalls to reach their spawning grounds. It's an amazing life force.

The name was chosen in the hope that we will be able to continue to grow.

In Japanese, "Takinobori" is a word of good luck.

But our logo character is not a fish, it's a monkey.
The monkey represents us.

When we are praised by our customers, we are happy and climb trees.
And when we are scolded, we feel down and reflect.

When we are praised and thanked by our customers, we become happy and keep climbing the tree.
This is the kind of company we are at "Ta-kinobori."

Once you've heard the name "Ta-kinobori", doesn't it ring a bell?  If you can remember our name, we've succeeded.

In fact, this is what branding and brand communication is all about.

We are a brand communications and public relations company. 

Tomohisa Takigawa, CEO of Ta-kinobori Co., Ltd.


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Company name Takinobori Co., Ltd.

Representative Tomohisa Takigawa

Established November 1, 2021

Urayasu Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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